Our Wedding Date: May 27, 2012


Matt & Kelly:  It's a storybook romance, twenty years in the making. 

Both students at Haude Elementary, who would have guessed they were destined for one another?  At Strack Intermediate, they became better acquainted while members of the same 8th grade honor choir.  However Kelly will tell you it was in their  high school german class that her eyes opened to the witty and friendly Matt Manning.  Dubbed Dirk and Katja by their teacher Frau Kitt, a friendship began to bud between the two. 

Of course, Matt would tell this story a little differently.  He would share he loved her since grade school.  His friends and family will support his claims.  Kelly was the girl for him...she simply didn't know it yet. Matt even referenced his years of adoration during his romantic proposal. 

It was around 2003, while Kelly was home from college that the pair ran into each other at the local video store.  A meet cute made for the movies, that is where the romance truly began.  Each time Kelly came home for a holiday the couple would start where they left off.  Matt even made a trip up to OKC during the semester so they would not be apart.

However, in 2004 the couple went their separate ways. Kelly moved to Boston and Matt completed his degree at the University of Houston and went on to attend St. Mary's Law School in San Antonio. 

Although there were a few chance meetings, it was not until New Year's 2008 that the couple began their most recent chapter.  Thanks to the encouragement of a mutual friend, one phone call changed everything.

More than two years later, Matt surprised Kelly with a romantic weekend in New York City, culminating in a perfect proposal atop the Empire State Building.  It is a story worth telling in and of itself.  Needless to say, Kelly said, "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!"